Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's the deal with Princess Angela of Liechtenstein?

At the risk of sounding as though I'm missing something, I don't understand the issue with Princess Angela of Liechtenstein.

I recently wrote an article Changing Face of Royalty where I mentioned her and how she, along with other women of various nationalities and backgrounds, have changed the way we look at royalty. That article was inspired by an email that I received about the fact that she doesn't receive much, if any, media coverage. In response to that article, one person commented: "Shame on the press for not covering them more".

Well, shame on the official site. They make no mention of her either!

Princess Angela may be the only black princess in a reigning European dynasty. She may be accomplished in many areas of her life. But I reiterate, marrying into the royal family is not an accomplishment. That alone does not make her newsworthy. I'd like to know what else she has done other than marry a Prince? Is that the way she should be defined? By who she's married to?

Judging by royal and non-royal forum threads, people are very interested in her. Deploring the lack of media coverage some go as far as to accuse it of being a race issue. The media can't accept a black woman marrying into royalty. Could it be that she and the family that she's married into have such a low profile as to not warrant coverage? Could it be that she and her husband prefer it that way? What exactly would you like the media to report on? In the absence any scandal, how about what she wears? Maybe her appearance at some meaningless party? A spread in Hello magazine? Or would that coverage be too superficial for you? Do you think this bothers Princess Angela as much as it bothers you?

In comparison to the wives of the Crown Prince's of Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and Spain, you'd think Princess Angela doesn't exist. But there's a difference. She didn't marry a Crown Prince. Like it or not, that's crucial. She may have married well but she didn't marry someone high enough on the royal food chain.

There are many members of royal houses who are not reported on either. I'm sure that there are many fascinating distant royal relations who we will never hear about. Does that make it some sort of royal reporting agenda? Or could it be they're not newsworthy enough either? I guarantee that if Prince William marries a black woman that will make up for any lack of coverage of Princess Angela. But then will the enormous amount of coverage become a race issue too?

There are many black women who are very accomplished, who have achieved great things and broken barriers. These are women who are noteworthy. Marrying royalty is not in the same league. And there were never any barriers to begin with. Princess Angela just happened to marry the right person.

So for those of you who complain of her not receiving coverage and recognition. Here's what you can do:

1) You can start a blog or a website devoted to her.

2) You can track her down, interview her yourself and submit it somewhere.

3) You can do nothing and continue to complain.

I've done my part. Now you do yours.

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Cinderella said...

Good article, thank you. I don't think it's a race issue. If anything her race increases the public interest, as you said. The English-language press tends to ignore non-British royals. Blogs and smaller sites are now helping to fill that gap, but I still rarely see anything about Liechtenstein's princely family. Liechtenstein is a tiny country, and its royals are very, very wealthy and probably don't want or seek publicity.

Fahren said...

From the little that's available publicly about the Liechtenstein couple, I don't think they are the type that want attention, and they probably go to great lengths to avoid being in the press.

On the other hand, it's puzzling why the press doesn't cover them more because the press doesn't care what your preferences are. You can name any number of 2nd tier royals and near royals that get more press coverage so it is puzzling how they are almost never mentioned in the press. Even their wedding was not much publicized.

Fahren said...

I don't think the Liechtenstein couple is the type that like attention, and they probably go to great lengths to remain out of the news.

However, the press doesn't care about your preferences, and I can name any number of near royals and 2nd tier royals that get more coverage--the Casiraghi trio for instance.

I was born and raised in NYC and there is a lot of press coverage of society weddings. It's odd to me that an American woman marries European royalty and there's next to no mention of it.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck . . .

Marilyn Braun said...

As Cinderella mentioned, the Liechenstein family gets very little coverage to begin with. I don't think this has anything to do with my preferences. It's reality. They don't seem to be reported on. Period. Maybe if Angela married multiple times, had illegitimate children and took off and joined the circus we'd hear about her more. Do you really think they'd be interesting otherwise? I highly doubt it. But then because your Monegasque group page you should know all about that shouldn't you?

The lack of coverage has nothing to do with race. Some people choose to see it that way. I guess that's their preference isn't it?

....if she weighs the same as a duck, then she's made of wood, and therefore a witch.... (Not Princess Angela. Monty Python - Holy Grail)

Rman said...

Well there are black members of the British Royal Family but that's if you can trace your ancestors back far enough. It would be interesting if Harry would had came back from Africa with a black woman as his girlfriend, what would the royal family think? and what would British subjects think? We all are connected in someway and form but records gets lost and some stories aren't told.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I don't think it's a race thing either. Most people don't even know that Liechtenstein exists unless they've read Danielle Steel's novel about the fictional Princess Christina. It would be nice if we could know more, but you have to respect their desire to live a more private life, her husband, as you pointed out, is not the heir to the principality.

Sofia said...

Well the Princely Family of Liechtenstein is not just like the other royal families and so we cannot really discuss them in the same context. They are ruling royals of the old school, the family holds enourmous political and econonomical powers in the country and the country would really not be the same without them.

Most of what the family does takes place behind closed doors, they only show up at a few occasions per year and they do not have to have a working schedule in the limelight like other royals in Europe. They manage their country and the LGT Group where many of them are involved and show up for big events. That's it.

Also, Princess Angela and Prince Maximilian live abroad where they have jobs.

Marilyn Braun said...

rman, I think that if Prince Harry started dating a black woman that that would become a race issue. Lack of coverage doesn't make it a race issue, it would be the enormous amount of coverage that would do so. Kate Middleton thinks she has it tough. I actually found one message board discussing whether Princess Angela is black enough.

I'm not sure whether she's the first black woman to marry into a European dynasty. Wasn't King George III's wife part black? I think there are other examples but beyond Queen Victoria's time I'm lost!

I'd heard of Liechtenstein prior to this but I can't say I ever had enough interest in them to delve further. Like Cinderella said, I think it increases public interest too. Although they're a private family, I wouldn't mind knowing more about them myself.

I'll bet the British royal family would love to have the luxury of being able to do things behind closed doors. Sophia, doesn't Prince Maximmillian have a high profile position in the LTG group?Group Chief Executive Officier? Is this an international division? He can't be completely out of the public eye then.

Ursula said...

Afro Panamanian Princess Angela of Liechtenstein and her family are not interested in being part of the limelight.

One of Princess Angela's relative in Panama sometimes divulge minor information to the Panamanian press about the Royal family.

I believe the Liechtenstein Royal family is very happy the way things are.That still does not take away from the fact that there is little coverage or pictures BY the press of Princess Angela and Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein.

One of my Panamanian friend who resides in Switzerland has promised that she will get an interview from Princess Angela.I wish her the very best.

La Panameña

Sandra77 said...

It's interesting that the black American press has ignored Princess Angela as well. I think race is involved to a certain extent, in that neither the black media nor the white media seems to be terribly interested in covering black female/white male relationships. Even in Hollywood these types of relationships tend to be covered up, to a large extent. But I agree that the Liechtenstein royal family, in part due to their being a banking family and being "old school", tend to avoid publicity. Although Hello magazine did do a cover story spread on Princess Angela back in 2002 (so perhaps she is willing to cooperate with certain publications that do show an interest in her?)

Ana said...

Princess Angela and Prince Maximilian do attend many functions- royal weddings and charity events.They reside in Europe and the European press do write about them.The Germans and the people in Liechtenstein are fascinated with Princess Angela.

Recently, the entire princely family of Liechtenstein had a conference with Pope Benedict XVI.A beautiful photo was taken of the Pope with all members of the Leichtenstein family.

Back in my native Panama, there are rumours that the couple have purchased a home in Pedasí.

Their little son, Prince Alfons is growing tall and looking so lovely. He is fluent in German, English and Spanish. I know there is hardly much information about them here in the Americas, but they are happy and doing fine.

In the beginning Princess Angela appeared to have been a little shy, but she seems very relaxed now and at ease with her role.


Sabrina said...

It does baffle me there is so little about this couple...but in this case I don't think it's because they're an interracial couple. I think it's because the media still shows far more interest in the British royal family moreso than any other of the Royal Houses of Europe. The attention given to Diana is still great despite the fact she's been dead for over 10 years. Not that I'm upset by that. To me, she'll always be the People's Princess no matter what. It would be nice to see more information about royals from other parts of the world, for sure.

Anyway, I found a lovely video on youtube dedicated to Prince Maximillian and Princess Angela... which I put up at my blog.

Sabrina said...

Well, Marilyn, I just visited the message board you mentioned...and I was just stunned. Talk about some jealous cats! MEOW. I think she's lovely and I'm glad she found her Prince and is living happily ever after. We should all be so lucky :)

I like this blog by the way.

ezrascousin said...

It's more than likely a mix of a lot of things. The "color" issue many people have (even if they're in denial), not knowing where in the world Lichtenstein is, (or that it existed) and the fact that most people have no clue about anyone's royal family short of Britain; and yes there have been other "black" European royalty.

Bed of Roses said...

"I'd like to know what else she has done other than marry a Prince?"

That's exactly the point! We do not know what has she done or is currently doing. But I do not blame the media. The responsibility lies flat out with HIS family. How is it possible that for the family picture in their "official" site, they use an old one from before Max married her?

In agreement with the comment on the fact that Max is not a crowned prince. However, royalty history is full of "sky divers" who were not even on the list. Did somebody say Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II? Just my two cents. Probably I'm very emotional because I come from the same country, and as we say down home: Pa'lante Angela que la dicha es buena!

Marilyn Braun said...

Wow, out of all of the articles I've written I think this one has the most comments! :)

I don't think the media OR his family are to blame. Look at other official sites and you'll see lots of examples where they have not updated information or photographs. Chaulk it up to laziness and not some agenda to keep her hidden from view.

People obviously feel very strongly about her and obviously want to know more. But again, I don't see this as a racial agenda. As one of the other commentors said, you cannot compare the Liechentstein family to other ones. Now if Angela had married into the British, or even the Danish royal families and there was no updated photo then I would tend to be suspicious. Especially in Denmark's case when they had the first Asian woman marry into a European royal house.

In this case I think it has more to do with wanting privacy than the need to satisfy the curiousity of the public. I don't even see why they should highlight her. Why make a big deal out of interracial marriage when it's common place? Like same-sex relationships and marriages. It's not a BIG deal anymore. Angela and Max shouldn't be made into poster children for modern royal fairytales just because others want them to be.

Ortolan said...

I do think you made some good points in this article. Lichenstein is not often covered-neither are a lot of royal families. It would be interesting to know how the media decides which they are going to cover.

On the other hand I think it is completely naive to suggest her race has nothing to do with it. I mean we hear way more about the European royals even though there are royal families all over the world. Do I think a white American marrying any prince would have gotten a little more coverage? Definitely.

As two posters already said- Americans can be uncomfortable with interracial relationships and its probably a combination of a few factors that keeps them out of the press. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that we don't know a lot about Lichtenstein. There is also the fact that upper class minorities just don't fit into our mold. The German press does cover the family quite a bit more. When I was living there I watched something on royals showing Zara with numerous ethnic friends. I saw the same picture on a VH1 show here and it was cut off just where the friends started. I would love to hear the average persons reasoning behind that! There's something about the European (i.e Caucasian) blue blood aristocracy that makes up our royal fantasies in America.

Also were you just asking rhetorical questions about what else Princess Angela does? Because her accomplishments are easy to find. AND I wonder what you mean by she didn't marry high enough up the food chain? Perhaps due to the way that Lichensteins monarchy is set up yes. But he is exactly the same as Prince Harry in general standards. He is the crowned Prince's second child. How much higher up would one have to marry? Not every prince's wife we hear about is married to someone who is the first in line and certainly most royal families in Europe hold less actual power than the royal family in Lichtenstein.

Marilyn Braun said...

Well, she must have received some coverage if we've heard of her! I don't understand how much coverage people expect though? Weekly, monthly, annually? I mean, seriously, what exactly are you looking for? What would satisfy the appetite? A Hello! article? Do you want the paparrazzi to start stalking them in order to satisfy your curiousity? They're a private couple and if that's their choice then that's it.

I actually found an article about her where even she states that she's from 'a minor lineage' - Even she understands that, why can't everyone else?

Liechtenstein is a small country, however I'll acknowledge that there is a very big difference between the coverage of the Monaco royals (Monaco being close in size to Liechtenstein). A white woman (Grace Kelly) put Monaco on the map, and the behavior of her children has kept Monaco in the spotlight when the interest could have ended with her death. Would it have been different had Grace been black? Maybe or maybe not. Actually, at the time, 1956, the uproar probably would have prevented it from happening. However, their son, Prince Albert has a son who is black, he also has a daughter who is white. Both rarely get coverage because once he acknowledged both of them their existence became a non-issue, regardless of the skin color.

Looking at the various European royal families I do see that most of them receive a lot more coverage. Having beautiful crown princesses doesn't hurt that - all of whom are white. However, as I said in one comment, Denmark had the first Asian person marry into a European royal house. Was that a big deal for very long? Did people focus on that? I don't seem to recall so I could be wrong. But looking at the coverage - I'm in North America and I rarely hear about any of them. If it weren't for some of the royal websites I visit, I wouldn't even be aware of them. Is that a problem? No, because I actively go out and look for information instead of complaining about the lack of NA coverage.

I'll give explaining the cropped photo issue a shot. Having people cropped out of pictures is nothing new. Diana was once at a concert with a few people and all but one was cropped out - mainly to make it look as though she was alone with him. Now I haven't seen the photo (or the VH1 episode) but if it was a large group then maybe it was done to highlight her, since the VH1 focused on her and not the color of the person she's talking to? What should the caption have been? "Look! Zara talks to ethnic people!"

Maybe because I'm caucasian I don't see the race issue - again, I think if people did highlight her skin color then it would be a race issue. What does her being black have to do with this? So? She married a prince (granted he is the second son). Has it ever occured to anyone that she might not be interesting enough to cover? No offence, but the media doesn't tend to go after people who are not interesting and once you get past the color of her skin, then what else is there to talk about?

And, sorry but you can't compare her husband to Prince Harry, not even remotely in the same league. Yes, she married very low on the royal food-chain. Now if Prince Harry dated a black woman and the media ignored it, well then that's a different story, but them ignoring it is unlikely. In the end, you can't compare Liechtenstein to the rest of the world's royal families. It's not comparable and never will be. To do otherwise is naive.

Ortolan said...

I don't remember any coverage about her. I came upon them by accident in a blog for interracial families. Yes its fine if they want to be private-thats not what my post was about. Its more about people intentionally acting like race plays no part when we know that it does. And why it bothers people so much to admit it. I don't agree with people who make everything about race either.

And you're saying minor lineage yet you still haven't explained what you mean by that. One of Europe's richest most powerful royal families and she married the prince's second son. Why try to downplay this? I'm also surprised you found an article like this when I've done a lot research on her and yet you didn't know what her accomplishments were.

I don't know where you're located in the country so I can't say that you must have heard about Prince Albert's daughter but she was on the cover of magazines after it was found out who her father was. She was also on our news quite often but then I'm in California and she's from here. None of my relatives in New York heard about Angela either. Alexandre his biracial son gets quite a bit of coverage in Europe.

You kind of brushed on the point I was making about the photo actually. They were not talking about just Zara but how she brought all of her friends to some lavish party. Therefore you would show the friends. lol at your caption comment! touche'! No the point is if it didn't matter and didn't ruin our perception of European royals the whole thing could have just been shown. I was using one example but my point really was that the Europeans always seem a lot more white and far away from anything ethnic on American tv. While many different ethnicities attend their functions, weddings and parties-something I'm sorry but I felt like I saw more of in Europe. At almost every wedding there are royals & politicians from the middle east, Africa and Asia.

You're right you can't compare Lichenstein's royal family! They make WAAAY more money than the other European families. Prince Hans has a broad range of power in Lichenstein where as the Prince of England does not and he is the wealthiest European royal according to Forbes coming in only behind the royals in the Middle East. Queen Elizabeth came in 5 places behind him!

Now you claim not to see race as an issue-and I'm not calling you a racist so don't spaz out! But it seems to me you are trying to find everything to discredit her. Saying she may not be interesting enough? What is interesting about every other royal? Mostly the money they have and spend and if thats the case as I've said Lichenstein has the most. Also you downplay Lichenstein as a country but don't explain how. How are you deciding that England's royals or any others for that matter are better than Lichenstein? Especially given the info I've just presented you with. I would expect someone who is as interested in royals as you are to know this info. I have a silly saying which is that an atheist would sooner say something is an act of God than admit when something is prejudice! If you're finding reasons that they may not get a lot of press it should be real ones like the one you gave about them being private. Not like trying to dismiss the wealthiest European royal family as being not in the same league as the others.

Ortolan said...

Also I would like to add that two other black women have married European royals in the Austrian family. (None of this is surprising if you really know Germans!) And no one has made a big deal. Because they really are low on the food chain. Still royalty but one is a duke or something and the other is son of the reigning royal's cousin. There is a Nigerian woman married to one of Queen Elizabeth's Aunt's sons. These are examples of people that are too far down the royal food chain to complain about a lack of press!

Marilyn Braun said...

As opposed to coming to my blog and arguing with me, why not use the research you've compiled and write an article highlighting her accomplishments, that don't including marrying a titled white guy with a waaaaayyyy more money than anyone else. Because that's what the point of my article was - who she has married is NOT an accomplishment and it's actually degrading to describe her that way. Would YOU like to be described that way? With that view, am I discrediting her or am I discrediting people who can't look past her race?

Let's put the race thing aside since neither one of us is going to win/backdown from our points of view no matter how many religious sayings you throw at me. :)

Since you're in the US (I'm in Canada, by the way), try this experiment. Go to your local mall, bookstore, library, supermarket or somewhere where there are a lot of diverse people to choose from. Ask the first person you see about Liechstenstein - not Angela - Liechtenstein. Once you get past the bufuddled look on their face, ask them to name ONE British royal. My bet, is that they'll, at minimum, be able to say 'The Queen' or 'Charles'. Doesn't that say something to you in terms of how they're covered differently? The level of interest? It's NOT about how much money they have, it's not about how much better they are, it's not about their color, it's about the fact that they consistently do stupid things that keeps them in the public eye, so that people like me can blog about it.

You want to gauge the level of interest in the BRITISH royals? Go to my blogroll and count the amount of ones that cover them. Again, it's not about the Brits being better, it's about them being more interesting to people that out of most of the 30 blogs on that list find them interesting enough to base entire blogs around them. Specifically go to the British Royal Wedding blog and look at all of the comments their posts generate and read them. You'll find people who are very passionate about the topic regardless of how much money they have or the color of their skin. Find me a link to a Liechtenstein blog that covers them and CAN base a blog around JUST them and consistently update it. The only place I can think of that discusses the family on a regular enough basis is at The Royal Forums, I think they even have a thread about Princss Angela and her husband.

You can see how she's covered any which way you like, you can elevate the Liechtenstein family to the pinacle of the royal world, when if it weren't for Majesty magazine, we would hear nothing about them otherwise and not because of Angela's skin color.

I don't understand this coverage problem. Are you bothered that Angela doesn' receive coverage in the US? Or just in general? Again, take your research, write an article and pitch it to a magazine or newspaper, I'm sure that there are people who would enjoy reading about her, as a person, who happens to be a princess and not the other way around.

Good luck!

By the way, that's ver interesting to know about the other royal families. I wasn't aware of that at all. Maybe I should look beyond the stupid things the Brits do more often! ;)

Ortolan said...

My first comment was that Liechtenstein is not often covered. So I've already acknowledged that.

I was replying specifically to your opinion about why they aren't covered. And why you made the comment that she didn't marry high enough. This would be your personal explanation for why the media doesn't cover her. When I said he was just like Harry your response was that you can't compare them to Harry not that the media for whatever reason covers Harry more.

I believe most interest came from how famous Diana made them (the British press does not try to hide that fact). I should also note that even when I was living in Europe I didn't hear much about the royal family in Spain until Letizia married into it-and then the news was all over the fact that he married a commoner. These are two examples of how the woman that a prince married brought interest to the family. Princess Angela did not have this effect!

The British are far from being the most powerful, wealthy or even stupid royal family. William and Harry are young guys in the military and they date two girls-the tabloids discuss everything from what Kate and Chelsy wear to what school they're going to. These are not off the wall interesting things.

I rarely hear about anything royals do different than the average young dumb person. This Fergie incident is the first real scandal in quite some time. The interest in them precedes the things they do, not the other way around. Unless you are speaking to people very interested in royalty I can guarantee you few americans know the names of anyone in Monaco either. Yet Albert's daughter was in the news here because it was a big deal that an American was European royalty-Princess Angela didn't have this effect.

Are we highlighting her just for marrying a prince? If we are then we are doing that with all of the other women who marry into royal families. I think those who know anything about her know what else she's done in her life. It is the idea that ethnic people somehow aren't capable of a status like this and that the European royals are as blue as blood can get. As I said the fairy tale is of the European aristocracy, the most well bred people in history, who married each other rather than let in a lower bloodline (Prince Maximilian's parents are cousins)and ethnic people seem to automatically fall into that category. It just seems to taint the whole image we have of royalty.

If you're saying its not this image & its not the money & its not the power then why would we be interested in royals at all?

You're right I could make a blog of my own about Angela, but royalty is not my writing expertise! There are already enough sites that discuss Angela and their son Alfons-my point was never that there wasn't. The point I'm making is that you only visit those sites, make those sites or care about them if you have some prior interest-you are a black woman or you're in an interracial relationship or interested in interracial relationships-the general media couldn't care less. I could write a million blogs on her and it wouldn't change that.

Its not about giving her more media coverage because of her skin color. It's about why there is so little interest in her to begin with. Wouldn't any American marrying into a European royal family be news worthy? And its not about her just marrying a Prince-its about her being considered good enough to marry into European Aristocracy in despite of her skin color

Marilyn Braun said...

Oh dear, you and I obviously have a lot of time on our hands. :)

I agree that Diana put the British royal family on the map - no question with that. And Harry's behavior just has the effect of keeping the interest going. You may think that what he's doing is not off the wall stuff, and it wouldn't be for the average guy his age. He is third in line to the throne, therefore, when he dresses up in a Nazi costume, when he calls a fellow soldier Paki, when he uses drugs, when he goes on drinking binges it is newsworthy because HE does those things. The media seem to have some misguided notion that the British royals should be examples to us all when they're not. Yet Harry is still made an example of because it's interesting to see how far the royal family have fallen from the deferential days of yore. He's the resident whipping post.

Crown Prince's marrying commoners is nothing new, in a way they have little choice given the lack of eligible Prince's/Princesses out there nowadays. The Crown Prince of Norway married an single mother with an illegitimate son, and Letizia was divorced, once the novelty of those things wore off they were welcomed into the family and people rarely discuss it. Princess Angela married in 2000 - 10 YEARS ago! Don't you think the novelty of a black woman marrying a wealthy royal has already worn off? Should we keep harping on it the plight of single mothers with illegitimate children who marry royalty and how Mette-Marit broke the glass ceiling for it? No, because it's not a BIG deal any longer.

Everyone has a different reason for being interested in royalty, I don't think I've ever heard any royal watcher say it's because they have LOTS of money. The Queen has NO real power so that can't be it. Focusing on the power aspect isn't sexy/glamourous to people so that argument is redundant. Prince Hans-Adam II has lots of power? So? Is he sexy? Does he have a beautiful wife with lots of cleavage? Or an illegitimate child somewhere? If not then who cares? Some people may get off on the power aspect, and if so then good for them. They may be superficial but those things are also, for better or worse, NEWSWORTHY.

Ok, so you keep saying Angela's accomplishments are easy to find, please enlighten me on what they are, so that we can focus on her as a person instead of as an example of how a black woman broke the color barrier for the European royal bloodline. If that's all there is to say about her then do you really think that's going to be newsworthy to people - 10 years later?

If anyone is discrediting her it's people such as yourself who describe her as a "lower bloodline" or "not good enough" or "ethnic people are not capable of a status like this", that a black woman would "taint" the royal family. NOW who is interested in the POWER aspect of it to the exclusion of anything else? You're basing all of this on the fact that the media doesn't cover her? Has it ever occured to you that the Liechtenstein got over all of this a long time ago and these viewpoints are making a mountain out of a non-existent mole-hill? Does this even have anything to do with HER? Or is it just an example of an ethnic person making good and everyone should be constantly reminded that it's possible, lest we all forget?

Again, you seem to be lauding her for marrying a rich white prince - not an accomplishment - it's equivalent to saying she's trophy wife, which is demeaning regardless of race. Do you really think Prince Max married her to diversify the royal bloodline? Or did they marry for love and to hell with anyone who thinks otherwise? They don't owe their existence or an explanation to people, especially those with large chips on their shoulders.

Marilyn Braun said...

I would just like to clarify something with regards to Angela's accomplishments. This is how I define accomplishment:

Brokering peace in the Middle East - Accomplishment

Tracking down Osama bin Laden - Accomplishment

Ending world hunger - Accomplishment

Becoming the first female president of the United States - Major Accomplishment

Becoming the first black female president of the United States - Historic accomplishment

Marrying a rich white man (albeit a Prince) and getting your title and status from him: Not an accomplishment but good for her.

Do you see the difference? Marrying well is not an accomplishment. It's interesting but I'd much rather hear about her personal accomplishments that don't come from marrying well.

Ortolan said...

It seems like you are simply ignoring points myself and others have already made!

1. You say that what Prince Harry does is a big deal because he's third in line. Third in line to what? You would have to presuppose that the English royal family is interesting and yet you haven't explained why. What a person does is only more interesting if we care about them to begin with or think its a big deal that they're doing something normal people do. So why do you care so much what the British royal family does as opposed to any regular person? Perhaps because I'm a philosopher I think what I'm asking is obvious! What I'm trying to say is that there must be a reason you care that they are marrying someone who is divorced, called someone a Paki etc.? Why don't you think of them as just being like everyone else? Clearly they are not-but I have simply explained why they are not and you're assuming we should know why they are not. Ask any person who is not interested in royalty and they will tell you that-they don't get why they're interesting because they are just people.

2. Incidents like the Nazi one are rare-and that was years ago. You've never heard anyone say they're interested in them because they have lots of money? Not in so many words but most articles are about what they wear, what trips they go on etc-all having to do with how much they can afford and how lavish their lives are. I haven't lived in Canada but I can tell you they talked about this all the time in England and the US. And yes they cared at first that Laetizia was divorced now they don't. AND THEY STILL TALK ABOUT THEM! That is the point I keep trying to make! Casually they discuss them. They show them at events. Maybe the problem we're having understanding eachother is that you are talking about tabloid news and I'm talking about general royalty coverage.

3. I described her as a lower bloodline? Come on now-I would be talking about myself! I am talking in general but real terms of what people think of ethnic people. I put it out there in not so nice terms yes! Nevermind the fact that you used the words "commoner" and said they have "fallen since their deferential days of yore." These are simply euphemisms for what I've said! The word commoner in itself implies the status issue I've been talking about! As an 11 year old child I was told when playing princess I couldn't possibly marry Prince Harry because I was black. If even a child could say that then I don't know why you would deny people think this way. Plus you have already admitted that if Prince Harry dated a black girl it would be a big deal. Before I got with my boyfriend and was trying to get his attention I was told there was no way that kind of white guy (wealthy and from a family with old money) was going to date a black chick! I've explained what I mean-the words I used as I said are just pretty blunt. That doesn't mean I agree with it-it means its what people think. It is no different then claiming they've fallen from their days of yore just because they marry a single mother. There are just certain groups that have been seen as "lowering" and you've agreed with this.

4. Yes I agree it was ten years ago. That is also adding to my point! We didn't hear anything about this woman until recently. Another poster told you she didn't hear anything about it in the society papers when it happened. I haven't seen anyone say to you "They talked about her when they got married and now they've stopped." If that was the complaint I agree its moronic!

Ortolan said...

Also I don't have a chip on my shoulder. I understand its difficult to decipher tone when a person is writing.

Again I am not lauding her for marrying a rich white prince anymore than we do Laetizia for marrying a prince. Laetizia was a newsbroadcaster-is that better than a fashion designer? Is that why we see Laetizia and not Angela because journalist is so high up on the accomplishment scale?! If you're saying its only ever because she was divorced then wouldn't that be offensive to divorced people? Couldn't we say everything about that that we've said about Angela? Why do we care that a prince married a "commoner" and why do we care that she was divorced? And why does that make them newsworthy?

No we shouldn't be reminded constantly that she is black. Who said this and why would you assume this is what people want simply because they would like to hear about her?

The fact that we DON'T hear anything about her is the constant reminder you're talking about. We don't need to be reminded that a black woman married into the family if they're talked about like everyone else. Why by talking about her must we mean a huge article that says "Black girl marries rich white prince!" How about just regular articles about functions they attend, what she's wearing, charities, the birth and life of their son. These are not things that are blasted in tabloids-which I try not to read anyway! These are regular activities that we hear about royals doing all the time!

Marilyn Braun said...

I’m going to take a step back from this issue for a moment. Please note that I have composed a long diatribe answering your specific points, however I’m not going to post it because I don’t think it’s constructive to do so. Instead, I’m going to try and look at this from your point of view – to the best of my ability.

A black woman marries a white prince from the royal house of Liechtenstein, 10 years ago. Other than the birth of their son in 2001 and the occasional appearance at national events, they’re not reported on very often.

Why is that? Given that we have other European Crown Princesses, even several years after their marriage are still being reported on, not necessarily in North America on a consistent basis but we do hear about them more often. With the exception of the Crown Princess of Belgium who has an aristocratic background, they were all commoners. Just like Angela.

They are all Caucasian, young, glamorous and beautiful. From the few accounts we have of Angela, she is beautiful – so that in itself shouldn’t be the issue. Like the other Crown Princesses (CP), she is also accomplished. These things are not necessarily noted with the other CP. As soon as they entered the royal fold they became an extension of their husbands. However, they are also active in their royal roles – Princess Maxima is the UN’s Special Advocate (whatever that means), CP Mary of Denmark works with the World Health Organization supporting anti-obesity programs, CP Mette Marit is UNAIDS Special Representative. My point is, none of them are wallflowers in the public arena. They have high-profile positions and patronages which makes them more visible.

Angela is, currently the only black princess in a reigning European house and they’re an interracial couple – something which I don’t think exists in any royal house at the moment. She is married to the second son of the Sovereign Prince of Liechtenstein. A marriage, which is unlikely to have occurred had they not received permission. So I don’t think the acceptance into the family is an issue.

Continued on another comment because of space..

Marilyn Braun said...


The Liechtenstein family is, from what I’ve read, a very private family, so hearing about them in the media to begin with is rare. Liechtenstein is not a large country either. But then again, neither is Monaco, yet we hear from them far more often. Why is that?

Monaco has a glamour factor which Liechtenstein does not. The Sovereign Prince is a playboy who has fathered two illegitimate children. His sisters have been married several times. Caroline three times and Stephanie, I think twice with one marriage to a circus performer. Then, to top it all off we have the spectre of their mother, Grace Kelly – who was beautiful and some regard to be peerless in her royal role. Looking at it this way, despite their similar size, Monaco is obviously going to receive more media coverage. So the size of the country isn’t necessarily be a factor, it’s more what you do with it. ;)

Although Liechtenstein is a small royal house, we still hear about others – the Greek family, deposed monarchs, yet also related to the British and Danish royal families. Although they are deposed, we hear about the Crown Prince Pavlos and his wife Marie-Chantal, mainly because she is wealthy. The couple are fairly visible too. Making themselves visible means they will get more coverage.

Now back to Prince Max and Angela. Again, he is the second son of the Sovereign Prince. By that position, yes, one would think you would hear about them more often. We hear more about Prince Joachim of Denmark and his new wife. As a note, Prince Joachim’s first wife was the half-Asian Alexandra Manley, the first Asian woman to marry into a European royal house. We heard about her more often because of who she was married to, she was also a popular member of the family. Comparing Joachim and Max, you would therefore think that Prince Max should receive more coverage. It's not an unreasonable expectation.

However…Prince Max is not the only second son of a sovereign that we rarely hear about.

The Netherlands –Prince Frisco, second son of the Sovereign, who married without the consent of his mother, Queen Beatrix. He’s no longer part of the royal house because of this and I can’t recall the last time I heard about him in the media.

Spain – (for women we rarely hear about) The Crown Prince of Spain has two older sisters – rarely hear about either of them until recently when one announced they were divorcing.

Belgium – Rarely hear about Crown Prince Phillipe’s brother, Prince Laurent or his wife Princess Claire.

Luxembourg – While we don’t hear a lot about the Grand Duke’s heir, Grand Duke Guillaume, we have heard about one of his brothers, Prince Louis. Why? Because he had a child out of wedlock – which is interesting to people and newsworthy – when was the last time this happened? Otherwise we rarely hear about any of the Grand Duke’s other children, who, to the best of my knowledge, are all Caucasian.

Other European royal houses – Romania, Serbia, Italy, Albania, Montenagro, the pretenders to the French throne, Russia. Rarely hear about any of them – beyond maybe the Head of the house. Couldn’t even name the second son of any of them, though I don’t think King Michael of Romania has a son but we have occasionally heard about his daughter. I think the son of the “King” of Italy appeared on Dancing with the Stars, so there’s your media interest in him.

By comparing the position of those sons along with Prince Max, I don’t see any more coverage than him. Looking at Prince Max’s siblings, I don’t see any more coverage than his either. With the exception of Angela, all of these royals are Caucasian, yet they are not reported on very much either. Therefore I don’t see where the color of her skin fits into all of this. Now can you tell me how it does?

Lyndem said...

Hi Marilyn! I have been extremely busy and so haven't had as much time to comment back. Changed my display name but its still me!

I do appreciate you trying to see it from my point of view. I'll try to explain the answer to your question.

We do not here about Italy often but we do hear about the fact that Olivia Wilde married an Italian prince. Look them up and there is info and a big deal that this American actress married a prince. As I've already told you we had a lot of publicity when it was found out that the Prince of Monaco had an american daughter (although you don't hear about her anymore-we certainly did when it was acknowledged).

As for the royal families you named Italy: has been legally abolished since 1946

Romania: Westerners know very little about Romania and the Romanian royals. My current guy is actually from Romania and no one (not even alot of Europeans) seem to know where he's from. Its frustrating-they keep calling him Armenian & when I correct them they say its the same thing. Don't even get started on what the French & some other Europeans think about Romanians! Most people I speak to think he's part middle eastern. Aside from that I can find nothing on their wealth or spending habits (we already know we disagree on whether or not their money is a factor). I will note also that there are numerous ways of finding info about the Romanian families (blogs, news etc) that are not done by Romanian people. Most of the info I see about Princess Angela is still from black women or people interested in interracial relationships.

Serbia-This royal family is also pretty much defunct. "Crown Prince" Alexander would like to change that I hear.

Russia-I'm not sure who you're referring to. The ancestors of the Imperial family? I don't know anything about a Russian royal family but I certainly know how much interest the states have with the Romanov family.

Belgium-I don't know where you're looking but I know alot of information about Prince Laurent. I could pick his wife out in a line up I've seen so many pictures. Also numerous pictures of his very cute, very blonde daughter. He's been married a while and yet there are pictures are recent as 2009 of them attending functions, just standing around, walkiing on the carpet at functions the list goes on! All of this coverage on a Prince who is now 12th in line to the throne since they are allowing women to assume the throne. I hardly see why him being the 2nd brother would matter when he's 12th in line.

Lyndem said...

Luxembourg: I believe I heard about Luxembourg on a VH1 special about the lavish lifestyles of young royals. VH1 had another show about real life Cinderellas. It discussed women who were normal one day and suddenly married into wealth, royalty or fame which would have been perfect for Angela! Of course she was no where to be found. But they did note the women who married the prince of Dubai and the prince of Denmark. And you would say why show a women just because she married-but they DID show them. That is what the show was about and their was no Angela. Whether or not you agree with the basis for the show beside the point.

Spain: I think your point that we don't hear about Spanish princesses goes back to Laetizia and Diana-wives brought the family media attention (before and after the drama).

Netherlands: You already said it-he's no longer part of the royal house. You can still find info about him-there is one article with he and his wife attending a film festival? And he's not even crowned anymore!

Thats about the royals we don't hear about but none of them married an American. Angela's not only black but the last time we heard about a European marrying an American he lost his title! You would think Americans at least would be interested.

If you would google the Princes you just said don't get media coverage, and look at the number of photos you get of them and their "beautiful" wives, their weddings, their children and see what websites, blogs and news pages they're on. Now google Prince Maximillian and see what websites they're on. The royal forums have gotten a few more (after this same argument we're having) but there won't be nearly as many pages and alot of the ones there are will be on sites like forthesistas, interraciallove, blackwomenineruope. Prince Friso and his wife are in LIFE & the NY times blog...

Lyndem said...

Oh I almost forgot to address the issue that they are private. I can't see how anyone thinks this is a reasonable excuse for the lack of media coverage. How often have you heard celebs and royals ask to be left alone and how often does the media actually do it? Do they have Princess Angela locked away somewhere? One of your other posters already said there was a picture of them meeting with the pope in Panama I believe it was. And they have to attend royal functions and go out every now and then. There are royal duties after all.

The point is people are usually intrigued by the women that Prince's marry. Its just part of the fairy tale-its not a fairy tale that we raise little boys with! Thank Disney for that! So commenting on the Princesses we don't hear about isn't the same. We don't hear about the British royal Princesses either. Most people I know have no clue that Prince Charles even has a sister!

Marilyn Braun said...

Wow, just when I thought I'd made a compelling argument...

Before I address any of your comments I'd like to point your attention to some comments left on my other article about her.

The two commenters I'm specifically referring to are from Dawn Firelight and Ana:

The Princess Angela of Liechtenstein non-issue

Please tell me what you think of those comments. I'm interested in your thoughts, especially those from Ana who says she has connections to Angela.

Marilyn Braun said...

I have no idea who Olivia Wilde is, but doing a search of her shows me her current events, - filming a remake of Tron, voted PETA's sexiest vegetarian...not her marrying a prince. The Prince of Monaco acknowledging his daughter is old news and it's rare to hear about her. The novelty of who her father is has worn off. Now maybe if she did a Lindsay Lohan...

Do you see what I mean about the level of interest? Now maybe if Angela was voted a sexy vegetarian or did a nude scene with Harrison Ford then there would be a difference.

With regard to the royal families I've mentioned, I'm not saying we don't EVER hear from them but that their coverage is comparable to Angela's. You and I can go down the list of royals as much as we like but the point is that the coverage is comparable regardless of where or when it appears.

You mention that there are numerous ways of finding out about these families (i.e. blogs) and that there is info about Angela from black women, etc. It's because those people are interested enough to write about them regardless of whether anyone else is. And if people want to know about them then, as you said, they can google and find the info. So what if the info is only from black women? What difference does that make? Does it make a difference that I've written two articles and one referencing her and I'm caucasian? And I'm not even American either! You may say that doesn't count because they're blog articles, not mainstream media or an episode of VH1 but they rank on the first page of googling her, just behind the Wikipedia article! My point is, even though it may not be enough, she is being written about, even if it isn't by Life or the NY times.

Regardless of who writes about her, it's about the level of interest people have and what they're willing to do in order to find it. That's the whole point of the articles I've written. If people do not like the lack of coverage she is receiving then DO something about it. Trust me, if I could track her down to do an interview, I would. But then again, even if I did that one article, would it even be enough? Would it even count towards satisfying the appetite for news about her? I have the feeling that nothing would be enough. Nothing short of having her on the cover of say VF would suffice. But then again, would that be enough if you don't hear about her again for the next 10 years? Would it carry people over?

The fact that they're private has everything to do with this. If they want to be left alone then they've gone about it the right way - by not doing anything newsworthy enough to be covered. If they want privacy then they're entitled to that regardless of whether people want to hear about them or not. As I said before, they don't owe their existence to anyone. If they wanted to do a Hello spread and 'throw open the doors to their lovely penthouse..or celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their love..' then we're cooking!

You've mentioned all of this but yet haven't answered the most important question - what does the color of her skin have anything to do with this? Let's set aside where she is on the royal food chain, how much money she has. What exactly does the color of her skin have to do with the amount of coverage she is receiving?

Ana said...

Google, la Princesa Angela de Liechtenstein(Spanish) and more information and chat forums emerged on her .

It appears that the Spanish speaking press has more information about Princess Angela than the English media.
Understandignly,Princess Angela is native of a Latin American country and I don't know why Spanish speaking people seem to have more interest in royalty than English speaking people.

I have read information about Princess Angela from the following media:Argentina, Puerto Rico, Colombia,Brazil, Spain and of course her native Panama.

I have also seen information about the royal couple in German,French Portuguese and Swedish.
Magazines like Hola, Vistazo Internacional and Vanidades cater precisely to royal life.

Most of the members of the Liechtenstein family appear to be camera and interview shy, Princess Angela is not the only one.
It appears that the only one who gives interviews is Prince Maximilian.
Google his name and there are a few interviews that he has given to different magazines. He even talks about his wife and son.

Betty Boo said...

I love the royals and buy royalty magazine alot! Being a woman of color, I was excited to hear about Princess Angela, but disappointed that none of the Royalty magazines like Majesty don't profile her either. And in all fairness, the magazines that cater to the african american community (Essence, Jet, Ebony) did not profile her either and I was shocked at that, but they promoted disneys "the Princess and the Frog" (lol) here is a real life princess for little black girls to look up to and she is ignored on both sides! Sad

Marilyn Braun said...

Here's a link to Italian Vogue that discusses her and the movie!

Italian Vogue - Black Fairy Tales

layla said...

it all boils down to race. if she was an american white women she would be on tons of magazines. just looking at how long this thread is shows all the hoopla when a black woman leads an extrodinary life. there is hidden jelousy for this is every womans dream, to be a princess. Im glad I live in sweden and am away from such racism. im accepted more here than in my own country and my husband never dated a black woman till he met me

Marilyn Braun said...

No she wouldn't be on a ton of magazine covers. None of the women from the Liechtenstein family make the cover of magazines and they're not black.

It's about the family she married into. They are minor royals. Now if she married Prince Charles and received no coverage whatsoever, then I could see your point.

If she hasn't done anything recently to BE covered in a magazine, then what exactly does the color of her skin have to do with it?

Lyndem said...

Hello Marilyn,
I didn't ever read your reply to my message (until today) because I had a discussion with someone who told me that if someone doesn't want to believe something you're not going to get them to, no matter how compelling your argument is-especially about race. Reading the back and forth between us and coming back here to see you're answering people the same way I see that is definitely true.

You never answered many of my questions and still bring them up as if we never discussed them. I have answered many of your questions and you mostly ignore them. I have twice answered the last question you posted to another commenter.

You said to me that it doesn't matter if only black women are blogging about Angela and yet when its convenient you say what does her race have to do with this?!!

Oh well at least I'm glad you have a blog about royalty and that someone is still very interested in it.

Marilyn Braun said...

Well Lyndhem, that person hit the nail on the head. Now you know how I feel from my end.

Please don't say that I haven't answered your questions, haven't tried or ignored what you've said. I actually broke down your points one by one trying to see it from your point of view. You even thanked me for it, remember?

You have consistently refused to see things from any other perspective other than your own. It's easy to say it's all about race, isn't it? No need for proof, just blame it on race. It's a very powerful word and doesn't brook any arguments when used. Nor does that word even consider an alternative viewpoint. Very convenient.

Guess we have to agree to disagree on this topic.

Ana said...

I got this link from one of the Spanish speaking forums on royals.

Princess Marie Aglae , Prince Maximilian's mother and Princess Angela along with Prince Alfons attended an event.This is one of the most Prince Alfons is growing up lovely.


Ana said...

I had a problem posting in the comment section.
Correction: This is one of the most recent photos of Prince Alfons.

I have a problem with some African American women complaining that the mainstream media has not covered anything about Princess Angela, when the black American media has been mute also.

It is amazing how people can only see what the other group is not doing and cannot see that their group is also the same .

Anyhow, when the wedding engagement was announced,the princely family did not go to the mainstream press to announce anything.
On the day of the wedding, only close family members and friends attended. Some of her relatives came in from Panama.
Princess Angela has an aunt in Panama who went to the Panamanian press and they published the engagement and the date of the wedding.
This aunt did the same thing when Prince Alfons was born in London. Some of the photos published in Panamanian social magazines appear more intimate than the ones that I see on the net.
The day they got married the same Panamanian press published the event in grand style.

One would think that a black woman who had lived in NY city and was marrying a European prince, whether his royal line is popular or not, would at least be considered news to the black press.
Ironically it is the Spanish speaking press that has written a lot about the Panamanian born princess .
Also many Spanish speaking women have blogs and keep abreast of some of the social events Princess Angela attends.
The author of Panama Cybernews have just written a second article about Princess Angela and Prince Max;the first article about the couple was written in the year 2000 when they got married. Complaining when you and yours haven't done anything is really silly.

Marilyn Braun said...

Hi Ana,

Thank you for your informative comment. Very interesting and enlightening! :)

Ana said...

Marilyn Braun,
You are welcome.

Lyndem: The Royal forum has an extensive site and chat going on since the early 2000's, with photos and information on Prince Maximilian and Princess Angela.

As a matter of fact, on the Liechtenstein area, Princess Angela receives the most coverage.
The authors of this site are not black people.

Most of the information on the black women sites are hardly news but the same old info about her being married to a prince.

There are indidviduals who really know where to get information about this beautiful couple and their lovely son.
No one is stopping anyone from doing the ground work and setting up a site in English with updated information strictly on Princess Angela and her family. The princess does have many fans and admirers.

Some of of us do get real news and updated photos about Princess Angela of Liechtenstein because she does attend many social events.
This will be my last post on this subject.


Lyndem said...

I have tried to see it from your point of view but as I've said you've ignored numerous points I've made even if you didn't intend to. In this last post you did it again.

- I asked how you can say it's not about race but then admit and say it doesn't matter if only black women or interracial websites write about her. How is that logically possible? If it was not about race other avenues would speak about her correct?

- I pointed out that when the media found out Prince of Monaco had an american daughter they made a big deal about it AT THE TIME. Yet nothing was said about Angela when she married. You replied that she the illegitimate daughter was old news??? I'm sure I said that.

- Even Ana who you thanked mentioned that Angela does go to many events. Therefore doesn't that go against your own view that they are SO private and that's why we don't see or hear from them?

- You said again that they are minor royals which is something I thought we got past. Please explain to me what you mean by minor royals and how you're determining this.

- I also pointed out numerous times that who a man married made the family more popular because it was interesting or the woman was attractive. This I think you ignored completely and still stuck to the idea that the family's were popular first but I see no examples of this. People were interested in Princess Di- they were interested in Laeticia.

- I told you about numerous television shows, articles that featured princesses that weren't shown as often as the British royals but were discussed all the same. You never replied to this.

- You said yet again that line about "if she hasn't done anything to be covered". You use this argument ad nauseum even when I've shown you ridiculous amounts of evidence showing that they don't have to do anything to be in the news. They go to events and they are covered. This is becoming insulting because I have a hard time believing that you don't know this just as well as I do. Especially as a royal watcher.

-To Ana, Yes I've seen the royal forum blogs though I haven't noticed much lately and I've found the same information on the interracial websites so I must disagree with Ana that the royal forums post a lot the other sites do not have. But I was always glad and appreciative that the royal forums had information on her that wasn't about her race. It is one of the only non-black sources.

I've explained this all so please don't accuse me of saying something is about race without giving evidence. I have given evidence. Whether or not you choose to accept my evidence is where we agree to disagree. But I have absolutely not accused it of being about race without giving evidence. In my opinion it is most definitely about race. I feel more strongly about that then when I first read your blog.

Lyndem said...

I also wanted to thank you for the link to the article in Italian Vogue. I was happy to find one I hadn't seen before.

I couldn't help but notice however, its form the black geared section, written by a black woman after Disney got it's first black Princess in 2009!

Ana said...

I know I promised to end the discussion but I must to add this.

Lyndem: I will be honest, I get most of my news about Princess Angela from Panama and the Spanish speaking media(Spain and other Latin American countries).

Demanding and seeking an explanation as to why the white mainstream media has ignored Princess Angela is a bit undignified(certainly not the Panamanian way), because they(white media)has the right to publish what they want.
It is on them if they want to ignore Princess Angela. I will tell you the Princess does not care because the princely family is very reserved and I doubt she wants to call attention to herself being part of a very discreet family.
In one of the Spanish royal forum(the Spaniards are royal crazy) , the Liechtenstein family was chastised by someone because they do not give grand parties in the castle in Vaduz.LOL.
If you google Prince Maximilan of Liechtenstein, you will see that he appears to be the only one in the family who gives interviews. He talks a lot about his wife.
I also question why the white American media has ignored writing anything too, but likely they have taken cue from the African American media that is also silent on the topic.
I have a few questions for you:

Why has the African American media ignored the marriage of Princess Angela?
Why has Oprah of all people who loves to interview princesses, not invited Princess Angela on her show?

Both Ebony and Essence have not published one article about Princess Angela.
I do not believe that they are ignorant of her existence.

I am pretty sure if Princess Angela had been African American the black media would have rushed to write stories about her.
Now, I will tell you that I don't believe Princess Angela is waiting to be interviewed. There is a possiblity if she is asked that she will decline.
One last thing, because there is not much news about Princess Angela in the States, many latinas living here are filling the void and are now writing about her.
I saw this article on the net " Latinas en la Realeza" "Latinas who are part of Royalty", and Princes Angela was included. I think there is a Cuban and an Argentinian similar to her who are married into royalty.
Latinas are even saying that Princess Angela is not black but a mestiza.
Really, the complete blackout and silence has made her become many things to different people.

Lyndem said...

Ana- I appreciate your comment and way of looking at this! I am very happy to answer your question.

1. I am not Panamanian so cannot say anything about whether or not questioning the media there is dignified. I am an American and Americans generally consider themselves to be the biggest melting pot in the world and therefore the mainstream media should not just be white.

2. As an American I have the right to question anything, especially if I think the media is being unfair. As we have freedom of press so do we have freedom of speech.

3. I DID NOT demand an explanation as to why the media hasn't covered her. Marilyn's blog wrote a post saying her race wasn't an issue in regards to why they don't cover her. I replied with my opinion and what I felt were obvious reasons why they do not cover her. This is not a general forum on Princess Angela-it is a response to one specific topic.

Now then, if we were going to have a general discussion on Princess Angela what makes you think I would not question why the black media hasn't discussed her? In fact NUMEROUS black written blogs, forums etc have discussed this very topic. I personally think it's because she married into a European family and also because she is Panamanian born.

I also think many black media outlets feel that with people saying its a "minor" royal family that we would look pathetic to even mention that she married into it. There is a black forum discussing her where the people say as much. This is mainly because they don't know anything about royal families and base it on the size of the country. This is why I suspect Oprah would not have her on.

There could be numerous reasons. However, I can admit that they don't cover her and that it's unfair. But that is not what we were discussing here, so why would you ask why I haven't given my opinion about it? Do you assume that because I hold the white mainstream media accountable that I automatically wouldn't do the same with the black media?

Ana said...

Who said questioning the media in Panama is considered undignified?
There is no problem in questioning the media in Panama.

You really believe only Americans enjoy freedom of speech and have sense to question the media?
I don't think I have heard a Panamanian complaining that the American media (black and white)has made race and ethnicity an issue and not covered Princess Angela, simply because we are too proud to be crying over who is ignoring us.
This is what I referred to as undignified and not being the Panamanian way. Iam not referring to questioning the media, but crying over something we have no control over.
You have skirted around the issue as to why Oprah and black magazines like Essence and Ebony have not covered Princess Angela.
You have said that mainstream media should not only be white. We all know that white folks do not read Ebony or Essence and that Oprah's audience is not black but largely white middle class women.

When I speak of mainstream media Iam referring to one in which a large audience is reached.There is both black and white mainstream media.

What we are discussing here is that you believe that Angela's race is an issue as to why mainstream media has ignored her and you consider this unfair.

I respect yout opinion, but I believe the black media is even more guilty.

Lyndem said...

Ana- If there is no problem in questioning the media than I don't understand your point. Are you saying there is something wrong in questioning something unfair in your own country?

Black Americans are Americans too and therefore should be able to request equal view in the media. Should other cultures have kept quiet when there were none of them in any media outlet or on television and movies? How do you think you change things unless you discuss them? And you call asking for fair coverage crying? I would say then you certainly don't enjoy freedom of speech the way we do if that is crying to you.

And again i have not requested anything of the media. I have given my opinion as to why they haven't discussed her.

- You may be right about Oprah's main audience but I hope you are not saying because of this she doesn't discuss black issues or speak openly about race? Oprah has always said no one expected her to make it in this industry because she was black. She has increased revenue of predominately black casted films by featuring them on her show, she has said over and over that we should go see black films in the first week because they make the most money at that time, black directors, literature that may not have been noticed by the mainstream have because of Oprah. So how is there any validity to the idea that Oprah ignores her because of race?

- It's funny to me how you have turned this conversation around to me or the black media! I have been answering Marilyn's blog which wasn't about the black media. I don't believe they would have the same reasons for ignoring Angela but I have given 3 reasons as to why the black media has even though again that isn't the topic we were discussing.

If the topic you're interested in is why the black media ignores Princess Angela then you could see as I've said NUMEROUS blogs from black people asking this same question-so we CAN be honest about it! Black Enterprise has discussed Princess Angela but many black people have questioned why Essence hasn't.

But since you want to make it about that (even though that isn't the issue) when have you ever seen the black media discuss black royalty? Every time they do discuss it I've seen Princess Angela mentioned.

I gave Marilyn examples of "minor" royal families, royals that were not first in line (or even in the line of succession) that you can find the media discussing or showing at events.

Can you give me examples of the black media discussing black royals and excluding Princess Angela? For that matter have you seen them discussing royalty at all?

Lyndem said...

- I have also said that black people immediately started something similar to Marilyn about how sad it would be to care about a black girl marrying into such a supposedly minor royal family. Why is that out of the realm of possibility to you?

They are certainly not like the British royal family but the black media also doesn't discuss other royals.

- If you are actually interested in seeing black people discussing the lack of coverage in black media or why the idea of royalty is different for black americans in general and you're not simply deflecting from my point of why the mainstream media isn't interested in her, I have links.

Marilyn Braun said...


If I'm ignoring the things that you are saying (not intentional) it's because we seem to be going in circles and I'm genuinely tired of it. More so now that you're adding the ways I've done wrong by you in my responses. Or lackthereof to your satisfaction. You have an opinion and so do I. If you're not happy with my responses then too bad, it's part of the discussion.

Ok, let me go down your last comment directed at me and address each point. Just so that I know, for my own satisfaction, that I am NOT ignoring your points. By the way, you're right. Looking back at your answers it appears that you have attempted to answer my question about her skin color. Didn't notice until now because I didn't agree with it. My bad.

- I'm not certain I understand your point about who writes about her. What difference does it make who writes about her? Be it a man, woman, White, Black, Latina, Asian, etc? Who cares? I'm not concerned about the color of skin the writer has. I'm interested in what they have to SAY about her. As long as SOMEONE is writing about her, what difference does it make? The original point of my article was that if people were unhappy about the amount of coverage Angela is receiving then DO something about it. You noticed the Italian Vogue link - great! They've written something about her but yet you seem to be dismissing it because it's from the 'black geared section'.

Tell me, if Essence or Ebony magazine write an article, will you dismiss that too because those are 'black geared' magazines? By the way, why would you hold black
media accountable? Wouldn't the lack of coverage from THEM support that this has nothing to do with race and more to do with the level of interest in her?

- Regarding Angela and Max's wedding. Go to a comment on my other posts about this topic and you will see one from Marlene Eilers Koenig- She is VERY knowledgable about European royals. Want to know why nothing was said about Angela's marriage at the time, then read the comment.

- Never said she didn't go out. That doesn't mean the royal family are not private and prefer it that way. Look at the Royal forums where people are actively searching for info about her and post what they find. Granted, there's not much out there but the people who attribute to is her skin color are in the minority. Most view it for what it is, a private low-key family.

- You seem to be really hung up on the 'minor' thing, offended by it actually. As if that fact somehow diminishes Angela as a person when it just expresses the reality of the family she has married into. They are two different things Lydem. It is not a judgement on Angela as a person. That said, I'm tired of having to quanlify what 'minor royal' means. We've been through this already. I'm not the only one who regards the Liechtenstein royals as minor either. You seem to be under the impression that Liechtenstein is on par with the British royal family in terms of the interest people should have in them. Who am I to shatter your illusions?

- True, who a person marries can increase the level of interest in the royal family. Kate is doing it, Diana and Fergie did it, When Elizabeth came to the throne, she
revived interest. However, the British monarchy has been around for at least a 1,000 years. They don't rely on one person for their existence. If they did they would
have died out long ago. Royal families can be popular before and after a new addition. There's your example of a family being 'popular' beforehand.


Marilyn Braun said...


- I only recall you mentioning a VH-1 special about royals - is this the one you're referring to? Seriously? If you're getting the pulse of the mainstream media from VH-1 then maybe you need to switch channels. Now if you'd said the history channel was doing this, well then I'd chalk it up to time constraints. Imagine all of the other royals they didn't cover.

- If I keep mentioning how she hasn't done anything noteworthy to be covered - ad nauseum, it's because you don't seem to want to acknowledge the reality of it. Now I'll admit I'm not as familiar with the Liechtenstein royal family therefore I DON'T know what they do, when they go out, what events they go to, who they meet - nor do I really care. The only person I'm aware of in that family is Angela and her husband and only because of these posts. If you're assuming I know exactly what Angela is doing and why she should be written about, well then you're wrong. I have no clue what CP Alexander of Serbia does either. If it hadn't been for his trumpeting his royal wedding invite I still wouldn't know. Maybe if Angela had openly complained about not receiving an invite we would have heard from her. Because riding the coat-tails of a wedding for your own purposes is guaranteed to get you 15 minutes of fame whether deserved or not. If they wanted coverage then Angela and Max missed a great opportunity!

There! I've addressed all of your points this time. Believe me, if you knew the amount of time I've spent trying to understand black princesses and how they're covered/not covered, you wouldn't believe it. I am more than willing to be open minded about this topic. Following this thread, listening and considering your point of view, to the best of my ability, I don't agree that this has anything to do with race whatsoever. Nothing you have written, or what I have found online, has convinced me of this. We will definately have to agree to disagree on this.

Marilyn Braun said...

Hi Ana,

Thanks for your comments. Again, very insightful. Will respond to them when I get a moment. :)

Ana said...

Lyndem: Princess Angela married well, she is perhaps the wealthiest black woman on earth.

Why are you using words like unfair when you refer to her?

Why is it difficult for you to understand that Princess Angela really is camera shy and not interested in being covered and plastered in magazines?

A Swedish magazine tried to interview her and it appears that she was not interested; they later joked that she appeared very overprotective of her son Prince Alfons and all she said was thank you when they complimented her about him.
The international press does not even publish anything about Hereditary Prince Alois(Prince Maximilian's elder brother) and his wife Princess Sophie. Nada.

The Liechtenstein princely family is so private that many criticize them for being too distant.

You talk about black female bloggers writing about Princess Angela.
I would like to see black female bloggers stop using Princess Angela as a poster symbol for black women pro interracial relations and thus begin to gather real serious information about her.
Nothing is stopping serious people from taking a plane to Germany and Liechtenstein and do their homework.
Who knows, maybe princess Angela would grant them an interview.

Since I would love to see more information about her then it means I will have to be proactive on the issue because mainstream media is not going to do anything about this.
This family certainly is not one that seeks attention.
I hope you don't think I came down hard on you, I wish you would gather information about her.

I suggested to the author( a Panamanian woman who lives in Switzerland) of, a blog in Spanish geared towards Afrolatinas to write an article on Princess Angela. She wrote a nice article in Spanish.
Panama Cybernews, a paid subscribed social magazine had already done one and I asked the author and she wrote another one and also mentioned Princess Angela as a notable Panamanian around the world .
Afropanavisons, a black Panamanian blog did an article on the Princess.

Use your passion to do something. Who knows mainstream media may wake up and get a cue from someone.


Lyndem said...

I can see why you are genuinely tired of this and that your response also shows this. Please quote the times that I accused you of doing me wrong. I have only said you've ignored many things I've said-which you have. Whether you have a good reason like being tired of it- I haven't made any mention of.

- As I've said I don't think we can discuss anything about you not knowing what difference it makes who discusses Princess Angela-because to me it's obvious. I did not get from your blog that you were saying if people don't like the coverage they should cover her themselves. I got that you were saying that you didn't see any reason why the mainstream media should cover her and you didn't think it had anything to do with her race. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

- I did not dismiss the Italy article because it's from the black geared section. I'm dismissing that it proves anything about the point I thought you were making. The whole argument is that the mainstream media has ignored her. Black magazines are not mainstream-they were created because mainstream magazines did not show very much coverage of black people (I guess you'll try to say that didn't have anything to do with race either)Also we don't always want to be described as the black girl who did something-I would rather be the girl who did something.

- If we lived in a Utopia in which black magazines (of which you're only speaking of two because other black media outlets have discussed her) that you're referring to didn't have a history of ignoring black women who married interracially then yes it would change the view of why she isn't shown.

- But media outlets have an agenda like anyone else and they can feature what they want. Just like magazines keep playing up this love story between William and Kate and adding little Disney touches to it! They will show what they want and we believe it not the other way around.

- Again with claiming that they are private is why they are not shown anywhere. Again I ask you did you not see Ana say they do show them at events in the Panamanian press? The media doesn't respect anyone's privacy - especially not the American media.

Lyndem said...

- If I seem "offended" by your calling the family of Lichtenstein minor it's because you seem to be creating double standards for Angela without any reasoning. I would expect someone who didn't know anything about royalty to call them a minor family and judge it by something idiotic like the size of the country but you? You know quite a bit about royals and still to prove your point you call them "minor" I have yet to hear you explain how they are minor.
This same thing occurred when suddenly marrying a prince wasn't enough to get yo press (as it has been for so many others). And in order to be considered accomplished Princess Angela has to practically cure cancer. This double standard is quite offensive, yes.

- Never said they should be shown as much as British royals- in fact I've said many times throughout that they wouldn't be shown as much. But so we're not hung up on that take them completely out of the equation and other royals with absolutely no American ties get shown more than Princess Angela.

- I also did not assume you know exactly what Princess Angela is doing. The point is I've shown you when other royals were discussed (yes other than on VH1) I've even presented links and told you how to find them. I have shown how our press covers other royals (for god sakes exclude the British royals) more than Angela.

I have not said the American press despises black people but that if they wanted to make up some hooplah story of how this American girl married a prince and make it into some great Disney prince and princess story they could and in my opinion if this was a tall blonde girl they would.

Also haven't said they would be covering them all the time but I do believe there would be much more coverage than there is now. As I said when we first started on this- a black girl does not equal the great fantasy that Americans have of royalty. White European royalty does equal that. Again if you don't believe this please tell me why European royalty is the only royalty we hear about?

Lyndem said...

Just as you have said you don't care you hit the nail on the head! You are interested in royalty and yet you don't care. The media doesn't care. Angela is not interesting to them, they don't get excited by her story and don't find her marketable. There is something about European royalty that makes people take an interest. It's that old-fashioned, blue blooded, aristocracy as I said in the beginning. Princess Angela doesn't equal that...

cowboyandrodeo said...

She is/was a fashion designer. She was hardly nothing before she married Royalty. Just my two cents into this late conversation.

nosa okunmwendia said...

I agree with you. However, could you answer this question for me? what has all the other princesses of Europe achieve to deserve the sort of coverage they receive?

Marilyn Braun said...

cowboyandrodeo, I never said she was nothing, and I hope I have never given the impression that she is nothing. Princess Angela is obviously accomplished, very intelligent but also very private.


The reason other princesses receive more coverage than Princess Angela is because they married heirs to the throne. Angela did not marry a Crown Prince. This makes a difference.

Several of these princesses had careers before their marriages - the new Queen Maxima was an investment banker, Princess Letizia was a journalist, Princess Mary of Denmark has a background in marketing, Charlene of Monaco was an Olympic swimmer, Masako of Japan was a diplomat, etcetera. All accomplished women but marrying the Crown Prince or in Charlene's case, Sovereign Prince, is a large factor in the coverage that they receive. Had they not married the heirs apparent, I'm inclined to think they wouldn't receive the same level of media coverage that they presently do.

Linda said...

This is a very late comment but the idea of Princess Angela's royal family being described as a minor one seems to be a real dividing point and it was never completely addressed. The use of "minor" refers to a combination of factors that includes real and influential power, prestige of the royal house, celebrity interest in them as a group, etc. The British Royal family at one time held actual power to rule along with other royal families. They were the most powerful royal family and often made marriages with other royal families to consolidate their power. Although they do not have any real political power anymore, the remnants of being the most powerful monarchy still make them the premier royal family. In addition, Great Britain is one the few countries to hold on to many of the customs and pageantry associated with royalty. The British royal family has done a great job changing with the times to maintain the institution of royalty. Most of the other European countries have either gotten rid of (Think France and Germany for extreme examples) or greatly reduced the footprint of its royal families. Some country's royal family's popularity way outrank the size of its country and actual power, but this is usually due to unusual factors. Monaco's is one of these but the marriage of Grace Kelly ensured this. While there are plenty of Cinderella stories, there are not many that involve A-list actresses. Also Monaco pushes tourism and doesn't shy away from coverage of its royal family. Now to Liechtenstein. They may be very rich but that does not set them apart. Power doesn't always come from money, especially from royals. I cannot tell you the ins and out on how much power they held when royal families actually ruled but I would bet they were not too high up on the chain. Therefore they probably do not have historical power. Although they may have influence based on their money, media attention these days is more derived from celebrity influence and they do not seem to be high on that chain either. All royal houses fall in line behind the Brits and most can said to be minor, some just trade on their celebrity more than others. Also just a note about media attention. Celebrities, companies, and yes royal families have publicists, press agents, or some method of generating press or at least setting up appearances and such. Point being if they want press attention, they will generate press attention. Granted some people will get press regardless, such as the British royals but the Lichtenstein royals would certainly be able to generate press if they wanted to. As was previously mentioned however, the entire family seems to stay low key. If the family themselves seek to stay out of the news and no one is doing anything controversial they are going to be pretty low on the media food chain, that just happens to include Princess Angela.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought: maybe they want privacy and don't seek out the limelight?

Marilyn Braun said...

Thank you for your comments!

I completely agree that if the Liechtenstein royals wanted media attention they would be able to get it. The entire family seems to be low profile and I'm presuming they would all like to keep it that way!

LadyDeborah said...

I didn't even know that Liechtenstein was a monarchy. I'm American and the mainstream media and American blacks like myself don't care to here about royals. We prize accomplished women, doctors, lawyers, CEO's and especially women with positions in Congress. I read the comments that believe she's entitled to US media. Well that it's the case. She went to high school here and was a designer, okay. She isn't American though, she is Panamanian. If she was American of any race but especially white or black she would have definitely made the news. Americans are more interested in governments similar to ours. I'd love to here more about the British Parliament, not the monarchy.The Cinderella Story is nice when it happens in real life. We just prefer women with actual power. We separated from England because of a monarchy. Why would you expect us to admire a form of government that we think is out dated. If we want to be entertained rich people we'd read tabloid gossip about celebrities. If Princess Angela was President Angela or Prime Minister Angela she most definitely would make the news big time! But it's just people playing roles that are archaic. The words commoner, illegitimate and divorcee said in a negative manner are just not American. We try not to look down on people because you never know what they may accomplish. We don't have commoners, we have working class people.We don't have illegitimate children, we have single mothers. A divorced woman is a woman who doesn't put up with a man's bad treatment of her. She is an example of an American woman with standards that will not be relinquished for a marriage. And as far as black Americans not acknowledging her well she was not African American or in the US that long to have garnered appraised from the African-American community. I'm sure Afro-Latinas gave her the attention and celebration that Afro-Latinas deserved to see. Perhaps if she was from an African English speaking country such as Kenya or Nigeria she would have been celebrated. Black Americans feel that most times Black Latinas try to deny there African origin or lessen it my calling themselves mestizo. Well that just doesn't seat right with us. For us that's the equivalent of a mulatto. That word is despised because it was the word masters called their mixed children. We give our selves our own identity. We don't beg to be like what people. We are proud to be black and we're very comfortable in our skin. We come in many colors because of the one drop rule. That one drop rule of black blood was to hold black people back but instead it led to the unity of Black Americans. I wish that Latinas celebrated their blackness, their struggle and acknowledged their African heritage more.I doubt Princess Angela intermingled with the African American community. She most likely wanted to be favored or accepted by whites. That doesn't fly here for black or white people. We don't care for anyone's acceptance. Just like we don't care what the world thinks of Americans. We are strong like that. Stop looking for validation from mankind. You validate yourself. Confidence is respected a lot by Americans. So Princess Angela is shy well that's just too bad. Simply as an eg. students that sit in the front get the most attention. Plus she hasn't made herself available so she's irrelevant like the rest of the royals.

christine a said...

I think this family is super private and they want it that way, there's nothing wrong with that.i believe they dated for 3 years before anymore even knew,I believe she's a fashion designer I think? And she has a fashion line.shes accomplished but nothing wrong with being not nowhere near famous thank God and I like my grandparents have to call my sister sometimes to find out what's going on with me,and she still tell them to call me lol!! Well good for Angela she's got beauty and brains! I wish them happiness 💓

Marilyn Braun said...

Thanks for your comments. I think the key here is that Princess Angela is low key and hasn't made herself available for publicity. To be honest, I rarely hear about the Liechtenstein family at all. Maybe a minor European royal wedding or a public event in Liechtenstein but for the most part I think they are off the radar. For some they are not even considered to be royal, they are 'Serene Highnesses,' which makes them of even less interest. Monaco also uses 'Serene Highness' however they do things that provoke media interest. For instance, Stephanie married a circus performer, Albert has two illegitimate children. Right or wrong, these things interest people. If Liechtenstein did any of these things, they would be reported on too. As such Liechtenstein royals are low key, deliberately. They like their privacy and I respect that. People might want to hear more from them but who are we to insist they change?

It may sound strange coming from this blog but I disagree with the monarchy on principle, think it is archaic and it is a losing battle to maintain prestige. Why would Liechtenstein (or any other minor royal house) base their identity on something that in the real world, no longer means anything. Usually all of these princelings have to work for a living. The days of unquestioning deference is dead. Marrying into a royal house is a fairytale not an accomplishment, nor should it be. For ANY woman. Princess Angela included. Better to focus on accomplishments made in reality than base your identity on a castle in the sand.